Why Getting Pushed Out Of Your Professional Comfort Zone Might Be Good

Life throws all kinds of challenges at us, and in today’s context, our immunity and our employment have been put to the test. From wearing masks to working from home we have gone through experiences that were previously alien to us. And some of us might have even lost our jobs.
It is no doubt with the utility bills coming and other expenses piling up, with no income, we could be stressed and upset, but a job loss is not the end of the world, is it? Having gone through so much in life, you have the strength within you to weather the storm, but first, you have to believe it.
Getting to grips after a job loss is not easy, it takes a few weeks and maybe even months for the scab to grow on the open wound. But why not look at the positives as per the saying “every cloud has a silver lining” Well having said that, you might wonder as to what good you could find when you lose your job. But now that you’ve been pushed out of your comfort zone you will see yourself taking on challenges and risks.

Asking big questions

It is not the questions you ask as to why you lost your job or anything along those lines, but it is about those questions as to what would it be like to work as a Manager, or what would be like to work for your dream company are few questions that would have been lost in the comfort of your present job. For instance, you may know that the job you are doing is ill-fitting or you may not be learning from your manager, or perhaps you see no career advancement but you keep working just to avoid the risks and enjoy the benefits that your comfort zone provides you.

So is taking a risk worth it? Let’s try to work it out. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, you are desperate and try by all means to keep yourself from drowning, use that drive and focus to your advantage, you won’t believe how well you’ll fare.
And on a side note, it is not just you who has been through his situation, everybody at some part of their career has to go through this process, so consider this as your time, keep your spirits high and your hopes alive.

Leverage your network

Try working on that corporate network that you built throughout your career. If you feel uncomfortable about reaching out to people and asking for their help, take it as your first challenge and get started with them. It could be your previous office colleagues or your previous employers. Sometimes you may feel as if though you are requiring a favor from them but remember that’s how the professional world works. When you are in a position to, you’ll help your colleagues and there’s nothing to lose by asking.
And on a side note, with a volatile situation due to the pandemic, you will need to get good at taking risks as it will be a highly essential skill to add to your repertoire.

Refine your Brand

Once you are well placed in a position, quite seldom do we update our status: from our cover letters, Linkedin, social media presence to our portfolio. Don’t we? But once we are out of the warmth of the comfort zone it makes us gather ourselves and think; about who we were, what we were doing, and where we want to see ourselves. When you consider all these things, it boosts your confidence and helps you focus more on the things that you can change while helping the job loss disappear in the background.

No one wants to be a stick in the mud, we as human beings have always developed and we need to keep developing. Debra Boggs, Co-founder of D&S Professional Coaching insisted on the importance of updating your status; whether you were raised to a new level in your career, or saw some different skills in you and opted to change direction, it is necessary that you portray who you are as of today and what you are capable of, so that headhunters and recruiter would be able to easily navigate where you are heading towards and give you an appropriate role.
Your comfort zone is not going to last, at some point you may have to take a risk than run the risk of a stagnant career, therefore it would be better if you could make the most of the opportunities that present themselves as risks.