Ways to Increase your Chances of Employment After a Layoff

When the HR department wants to have a chat with you in private, it is strange, if you don’t get nervous. It could be a red flag in these difficult times as it could mean that you are being furloughed from the job or made to carry an extra load of work that was assigned to your furloughed colleague. On a more positive note, the HR department also calls employees for a promotion or raise too, but with reference to today’s context, where millions of workers applying for unemployment benefits worldwide since mid-March, the chances of the HR department calling someone for a raise are quite slim. 

Before you could get on with the job search, especially if you have been laid off overnight, utility bills, credit card settlements, rent a car and other payments will appear like they are throttling you, while on the other hand you are trying to get over the nightmare of a lay off that took you by surprise.

No matter what, you need time to heal and take counsel if the situation worsens. You will not be the only one laid off, there could be many others, talk to them about their plans, and try to work on a plan.

Use your professional network

If you have been maintaining a healthy relationship with former work colleagues you could always get help, they could let you know if there is an opening. Maybe someone in your circle knows somebody who is hiring, and they could put in a good word for you and get you a job. When someone you know recommends you to their friend there’s a greater chance of getting recruited as recommendations from known parties is something that increases your chances of employment.  

Update your CV

Obviously, the more flamboyant the CV better are the chances of you landing a job is what we think, but remember, in the present day and age, machines more often than perform shortlisting. Robots have taken over many tasks in the HR department, hence, your CV must be rich with Keywords to impress the robot that browses your resume. According to Arran James Stewart, the co-founder and CVO of a famous recruitment platform, it is always advisable to have wordings of the job description in your CV to progress to the point of meeting a human for an interview.

Use bullet points and try to amplify your achievements. It is also worth quantifying your achievements. If you hit a sales target, how much you hit within a span of time would give the reader better perception and the robot some digits to work with.

Consider Changing Industries

Although it might be hard to find the exact job that you were laid off from, you still could find jobs that are in demand even during a crisis. Look at different vacancies and the tasks and duties expected, try to compare the skills set needed to fulfill those duties with yours and if by any chance you find yourself matching closely with it, you may hit the jackpot.

Treat your Job Search like a Job

Unless you treat your job search as a full-time job, finding a job would be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Especially, if you do not know what to search for and where. Hence, narrowing your search is of great importance as it would save a lot of time.

If you happen to find niche job boards that post jobs pertaining to one industry, half of your searching work is done and it is a matter of applying and facing an interview but in the absence of a niche job board for you industry, professional social networks like LinkedIn can certainly be useful.