Not Qualified for Your Dream Job? Why You Should Apply Anyway

If you have been looking for a job you would have come across that guilt feeling, the moment you recognize that you don’t qualify for the job that you love or dream of doing. It could be the awful feeling that you are missing an opportunity. If you feel that you are not qualified for a certain position that you’d like to hold, this article provides a few points to help you apply for your dream job. 

It is important that you understand that there are a few things that can’t be retrieved even by reading between the lines of a CV. Employers draw from their experience and realize all that glitters is not gold. So, if you’ve got something in you that can’t be put in black and white here’s why you must have a go. It’s normal to think that with the pandemic the employer has the upper hand when many applicants are knocking on the doors of employers requesting jobs. But believe me, that very pandemic that wreaked havoc, crushed the economy, and devastated the job market has a silver lining for a job seeker.

Professional recruiters say that there’s still a shortage of talent, even when the applicants are growing exponentially and the jobs are drying out quickly.

There could many reasons for this shortage. Let’s say it could be due to the inability of the company to remunerate top talent in volatile economic conditions. If that be the case how can you as a job seeker, there and thereabout the requirement for the particular job, hit the jackpot?

Now that the tables have turned, it is not only the qualification that the employers are looking for, a Careerbulilders survey showed that 66% of the hiring pros are looking for candidates to train them with the skills they want them to have. Another 44% of the companies turn to hire low-skilled workers for high-skilled jobs in an attempt to train and have them committed to the job for the long term. Hence, all you need to show is that you are a trainable candidate eager to learn and develop your skills.

True there’s stiff competition in the market and the one well qualified with a few years of experience under the belt would be fancied the most. But recruiters are also on the lookout for young blood. It could be a graduating student or a person who has changed careers recently. Employers know that freshers have their passion hyped and capturing talent when the passion and motivation are high would be always a plus to the employer.

No matter what job you do some skills overlap if two different job roles are put in a Venn diagram. Proficiency in Word, Excel, and Google docs are some common skills that many job descriptions have. According to a 2017 Burning Glass Report, it was revealed that 82% of middle-skill jobs require such skills. There are many skills that are transitional. Analyzing and problem-solving are very good skills to have under your belt, and if you are master at assessing and looking into matters and if you refrain from applying for a job just because of the lack of qualification and experience, you could be losing out.

You may possess the skills required for a job role but you may not have the certification to prove yourself. The Talent LMS survey from June 2020 revealed that Managers found communications and collaboration, leadership, and proactive thinking lacking in their employees. Customer service skills and flexibility are a few more that add to the list of soft skills that cannot be trained and to be honest, there is no formula, no guidelines to learn soft skills, it’s more or less about who you are and what you portray. Don’t look down upon yourself because you are who you are, and you may be able to provide more value than you think you can.