Is it Time for a Career Change? Watch Out For These Signs!

Do you hate Mondays for no other reason than having to get back to work? Does getting out of bed and going to the office feel like taking cattle to a slaughterhouse? Does a 9-hour shift feel like an eternity at the office that makes you constantly look at the clock to get back home? Well then, you are probably affected by either the place that you work for or the nature of the work that you do. We as humans hate change for various reasons, it could be due to the fear of facing the unprecedented future, or the ability of “change” to push us out of our comfort zone, or the fear of a possible failure in a whole new environment. But sometimes when moving forward without giving in to fear of change, our reaction to change may manifest itself in different ways. It could be through your body, your mentality, or your character.

Think to yourself what keeps bringing you into office on a new day. Is it the excitement of the job and meeting your colleagues, or the feeling of satisfaction after taking on a challenging day? If it is none of these but money that brings you to the office then you might need to think about a career change. Irrespective of how much a company pays for you, if the payment comes at the cost of sacrificing your happiness and satisfaction, it is not worth it, as a career that makes you professionally satisfied and happy beats money hands down.

If you are spending your free time Googling new jobs and thinking about a new career. If you are making a note of top companies that are hiring and wistfully imagining what it would be to work for such an organization, you better believe that you are running out of fuel and spark to continue your current job. The reason is that you have been distracted from the original reason that allured you into committing to the present career, or probably the work you do has disconnected you from what you really wanted to do. If this is the case with you, it is high time to think about whether the role you play is connecting the dots you imagined when you joined newly, if not, it is a good idea to make the transition.

Have you ever felt envious of your friend’s job or a family member’s job? If you have, it is a sign for you to do something else, somewhere else. It is always good to analyze and put that envy into good use before it takes its toll on you. It is vital that you find out what part of his/her job that you like? Is it the culture of the company, the flexibility of the job, the creativity, or the promising career path? By analyzing these factors, you will be able to comprehend where you want your career to go.

On the other hand, nobody likes every bit and piece of the job assigned to them but they do it since it is part and parcel of what you are supposed to do. But if you feel eternally bored and you feel like a zombie and you don’t feel like you are doing something for the company or the company is not putting your skills into good use, you could consider going for a career change where you could play to your strengths.

At the end of the day when you get back home and you feel fatigue and suffer headaches due to stress, there is no stronger signal for a career change.