Free machine learning courses from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft

If you’re looking to build your machine learning knowledge, these free training programs may be the best way to start. This ebook offers the details of key offerings, such as what the courses cover, how long they take, and what you need to know to benefit from the lessons.

From the ebook: 

Machine learning engineer was the fastest growing job category in the five years to 2017, according to LinkedIn. But tech’s hottest role isn’t a simple field to break into, requiring at least high school math and some programming knowledge, even to get started.

Luckily there are an increasing number of options for those wanting to get a grounding in the field, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the latest tech giant to release a set of machine learning courses for free. That’s in addition to the existing well-regarded material available online from the likes of and Andrew Ng and Coursera.

If you’re interested in these courses, it’s worth noting that you’ll benefit more if you have a basic knowledge of Python and high school linear algebra, statistics, and calculus.

Here are the free courses offered by the major tech firms.

What they teach
Google offers nine courses covering various aspect of machine learning via its Google AI Education site.

If you’re a developer after a quick introduction, the Machine Learning Crash Course is a good option, with video lectures and exercises covering the basics. If you want a more comprehensive deep dive, try its Google’s Deep Learning course on Udacity. Developed with Vincent Vanhoucke, principal scientist at Google and technical lead in the Google Brain team, the Udacity course is taught by industry pros and offers hands-on assignments that task you with building increasingly complex machine learning models using Google’s open source TensorFlow framework.

Other courses on the Google AI Education site cover problem framing and data preparation, both important topics for anyone considering machine learning.